The Podenco knife If you could only have one knife ..

The Podenco Canario is a 16th century Spanish hunting dog known for its loyalty and tenacity.

I was first introduced to this magnificent dog during my formative years on the Canary Islands.

One particular Podenco is the inspiration for the knife. Sjef is a beautiful Podenco who is the sidekick, compadre and partner-in-crime of our friend Jerryl. (For the record, Sjef is also the better looking of the duo.)

To honor Sjef, as well as to call attention to the breeds plight – as to this day many Podenco Canarios who can no longer hunt are starved, abandoned and mistreated.

I created the Podenco knife. The prototype and first edition production line of Podenco knives mimic the animals long pointy nose, including the characteristic ‘nick’ on the bridge of the nose.

And just like the K9 it is designed after, the Podenco knife is stealthy until you need it.

The reason behind the name and design of the Podenco knife … is Sjef

Sjef is a beautiful Podenco (hunting) dog owned by our dear friend Jerryl.

The typical ‘break’ in the line of the Podenco blade is to mimic the characteristic shape of the nose bridge of this K9

Just as the inspiration behind the design, the Podenco knife is stealthy until you need it

The Podenco knife is a full size knife with a full sized grip designed to be an incredible EDC self defense tool. Featuring perfect geometry for both forward as reverse grip, thumb platform in either position and a balance and shape you’ll come to love and trust. Made from Nitro-V stainless steel that is hardened to 62HRC.

For who is the Podenco knife?

For those that are serious about training – for good, those that carry everyday, and give a thought about what their impact is. And understand what #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit means.