No.7 If ‘double O’ would have a knife

We continued developing the Naira with the No.7 (if ‘double O’ would have a knife…)

A smaller knife that is seven inches of peace-keeping force. The No.7 brings slight changes in geometry and lines to perfect its wallop.

*** why No.7 ?

A total of seven inches in length and a total of seven notches around the handle…

  • Four notches at the ‘thumb ramp’, one for each of the four gun safety rules by John Dean “Jeff” Cooper (May 10, 1920 – Sept 25, 2006) Jeff was a United States Marine and the creator of the “modern technique” of handgun shooting, and expert on the use of small arms.
  • Three notches at the back of the handle – for God, Country and Family (the last two not necessarily in that order)

For who is the No.7 ?

For those who want an ultra concealeable fixed blade that won’t fail

It is small, it is narrow, it is a size blade you will not notice when you carry it but will be there every time you need it.

Perfect blade for smaller hands, yet big enough for those with big mitts.

– contact us and find out the possibilities.