Frequently Asked Questions All the questions, and some of the answers

The answers to our most frequently asked questions :

The steel used : we use AEB-L and Nitro-V as well as customer requested or provided steels

AEB-L :AEB-L stainless was originally developed for razor blades. Sandvik copied AEB-L and calls it 13C26. These steels are formulated with just enough carbon for the steel to get very hard but not make any chromium carbides. The extreme fine grain makes them easy to sharpen, have good edge holding and excellent edge stability.

NITRO-V : This steel is based on AEB-L but is so much more. AEB-L has been – and remains a premium choice for sharp weather resistant outdoor knives. Originally razor blade steel, it performs and excels at kitchen cutlery and folders as well. Nitro-V has added nitrogen and Vanadium and now becomes suitable for a broad range of applications adding toughness, hardness and extreme corrosion resistance to the wicked edge achievable on AEB-L blades.

Is the knife ordered warranted ?

Yes it is – Achterknives warranties all products against flaws in materials and workmanship for the life of the item in question. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear, damage, neglect or modification by the owner.

If you would like your Achterknife refinished cosmetically please email for a quote.

What is the ’lead time’ from ordering to getting my knife?

We strive to have your order out to you within three weeks (but for a current actual time pls contact us as it depends on the type of steel and handle material you wish to have on you build, and if we have to custom order it for you)

How do I start to order my custom Achterknife?

You begin by choosing a blade design that ‘speaks to you’, then have a look at what we offer, and select from a wide variety of handle materials, now on to hardware (stainless, heat colored or custom anodized titanium), then get ready to pick a color for you custom Kydex sheath.

Then check out and pay an initial deposit to get started.