The craft of an Achterknife Dedicated to the design and development of the toughest tools out there

Dedicated to the design and development of the toughest tools out there.

Achterknives is a hand-crafted, limited production company dedicated to designing, developing and creation of the toughest, most durable and ergonomically sound knives out there.

We work together with the most accomplished knife-makers and weapons instructors in the country including people like Belton Lubas. And because there is not one perfect steel for every situation and application we are continually striving to evolve and refine our methods to create the best blade possible.

In our quest we have found AEB-L the ideal material for small to medium sized, hard use knives. It’s fine grain composition provides the durability, edge retention and ease of sharpening that rivals the more complex “super steels” at a much lower cost.

New Jersey Steel Barons Nitro-V is another favorite medium, Enriched with Vanadium and Nitrogen, Nitro-V has a working hardness of 58-62 HRC, which is slightly higher than AEB-L steel and makes it an outstanding choice for outdoor knives.

Of course we can obtain and work with any custom steel you would like for your custom knife.

All our designed knives are thoroughly tested and approved before being sold. And while most of our knives feature no-glare finishes, we can, upon request, provide satin or high gloss versions.