PDA (Personal Defense Axe)

A unique Achterknives PDA, or Personal Defense Axe – designed to be an extremely effective tool in the smaller work areas.

As you expect from an Achterknives product it is designed and executed to be ergonomically “Goldie Locks” – aka gold standard.

The PDA has a ‘footprint’ of 11”x 5.75” and features a cutting edge of 2,8” and has a 1.875” sculpted spike in the back (aka attitude adjuster)

The steel used is a high carbon 80CrV2, professionally hardened to 57 HRC that has a beautiful black oxide finish.

The Achterknives PDA features an extremely tight paracord wrapped handle that is perfect in many different grip styles.
(No gaps in this wrap – I guarantee it !)

The custom molded Kydex sheath is set up for a comfortable and easy accessible, upside down carry style and features a Tek-Lok belt clip.

*Make sure to let us know if you want a left, or right handed carry set up, or have us prep for both.

The colors used for the handle and sheath will be in muted earth tones, but if requested we can find your favorite color and customize it to your liking – pls note any custom colors we have to order will be at an additional cost.

* Bespoke projects are always possible – reach out and check the possibilities.

*shipping fee is included


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