Made for good, made to last… Because hand made means handmade

1823 not a year, not a number… (aka $18,23)

This is the price that I pay for one (1!) specialty carbide drill bit that snapped yesterday.

Guess it is still true : heat = expansion = run hot and shatter (just checked it for you)

I use it to ‘true’ the holes in my blades and it ran a little too hot as I forgot to apply some cutting oil. A bit so hard you can drill through hardened steel but at the same time so brittle.

Oddly satisfying when you can make long steely curls… those that know, know ;-D

This is what every custom knife maker would love to post on their Instagram feed to explain people why a custom knife is more expensive that a factory produced one – it is just one of many facets of the knife making process – but not one that’s cheap. Hand made, every step of the way.

When the option is there I will always buy American made… why ? Better ask why not ?
(to support my brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends that make it ..!)

When leaving one of the largest malls in the United States I always chuckle as I’m thinking: “ Here is a destination mall filled to the brim with cheaply made foreign goods, and I can walk away feeling there is not a single thing they have there that I feel I need or want” (full disclosure there are one or two Rolex watches that have my attention but..)

*note and fun fact : Rolex is owned by the Hans Wilsdorf (the founder) foundation that could / should be praised for the reasons that there are watchmakers around to repair your valuable automatic or handwound watches. How do I know that ? I was invited years ago to join, and enjoy the three year education that is payed for and provided by Rolex – to ensure the aforementioned watch makers knowledge and presence is there – and after you graduate you are not bound by brand!

Please don’t get fooled by the following photo – this is not a new watch, but one I treated myself to when I moved to the US in 1999, to commemorate a milestone in my life… but as you can see a well maintained and cared for time piece is as I believe a custom knife is too; very suitable as a present to commemorate or celebrate special events.

Although with a discrepancy of about 105 parts a custom knife and a Rolex watch have a ton of similarities – both made to last, both designed to perform in adverse environments.

(as everyday should be seen as a special event !)

– Here to help….! 😉

Unwind every now and then by means of a handmade – well made – made to last piece of art.

I can only speak for myself, but wish more people would have the same feeling. Every now and then I need to have a tangible ‘old school’, well made object with me – to ‘ground me’. To remind me that only two generations up my grandparents used to make things, by hand. Looking and striving for longevity in a design.

It calms me in a sense of slowing down time a little, as I am not in love with the quickly made for profit and designed in to obsolescence mindset.

To all that hung in to read my musings I salute you and will sign off today to get back to grinding (what could well be your custom knife)

Your knife maker,

Yours truly

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